Truths, Lies, Manipulation & Hate?

Avatar By Sean Taylor Sep8,2023
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Over the past six months, a multitude of groups has surfaced, all expressing strong reservations regarding the housing of asylum seekers on The Bibby Stockholm barge. These groups have articulated a range of concerns, reflecting diverse motivations for their opposition. While some object to the living conditions on the barge as inhumane, others oppose the presence of asylum seekers altogether. Additionally, some groups have cited concerns about the strain on local services as a basis for their resistance.

Regrettably, amidst these varying perspectives, there have been distressing instances of hate, fear-mongering, and racism within the ranks of these opposing groups. False incidents have also been reported with the apparent intent of provoking reactions, including unverified claims of attacks on children. Furthermore, mainstream media outlets have been accused of promoting their own agendas throughout this ongoing debate.

Recent reports have surfaced suggesting that the Patriotic Alternative intends to hold protests on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, according to both these opposing groups and mainstream media sources. These reports, however, also allege that the Patriotic Alternative is associated with extreme ideologies, with some individuals branding them as “Nazi.” It is important to note that these claims have not been independently verified, as Dorset News attempted to contact the Patriotic Alternative for confirmation but received no response at the time of writing.

The critical question that looms in the face of these developments is whether any of the opposing groups or media outlets possess concrete evidence to substantiate their claims. Alternatively, are some of these groups merely endeavouring to sow fear and propagate hate for their own purposes? Answers to these questions may become clearer as events unfold throughout the day.

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2 thoughts on “Truths, Lies, Manipulation & Hate?”
  1. Sean was that a joke about contacting PA to ask them if they’re Nazis? Did you really do that? 😂 Try reading the Hope Not Hate report.

  2. ‘… these claims have not been independently verified…’
    You might find a search engine a useful journalistic tool.
    They’re hardly going to volunteer the information just because you ask them nicely, are they?

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