Asylum Accommodation – The £ 1.18 Billion Money Pit

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An Investigation into asylum accommodation, by the National Audit Office has revealed that by the end of year 2024 – 2025 The Bibby Stockholm would have cost taxpayers £34.8M, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Home Office is responsible for asylum and protection in the UK, including ensuring compliance with the UK’s legal commitments. It is responsible for supporting destitute people seeking asylum while it makes a decision on their asylum claim by providing financial support and accommodation.

Since 2020, the number of people claiming asylum in the UK has increased. In the 12 months to December 2023, the Home Office received 67,300 applications for asylum, nearly double the number received in 2019.

Due to a lack of suitable accommodation and the Home Office’s legal obligation to provide asylum seekers with accommodation. The Home Office was only able to meet its legal duties, to accommodate asylum seekers by the use of hotels. With a daily cost around £ 8.8m (December 2023)

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In December 2023, the Home Office paid £274 million for up to 64,000 beds in hotels, 45,800 of which were being used.

In an Attempt to reduce the daily hotel bills, the Home Office Decided to open “large Sites” such as the Bibby Stockholm, Scampton, Wethersfield and Huddersfield.

The use of these “Large sites” were expected to save £10 per asylum per day.

However, the only sites expected to make a saving is The Bibby Stockholm saving £0.8 M. Wethersfield saving £0.5M If you do not take in to consideration, the £3.4M spend on “no go Sites” (cost spent on potential sites, which were later deemed unsuitable.

* National Audit Office Report Published March 2024

Initial set-up costs for Wethersfield and Scampton were expected to be £5m each. However, set-up costs have increased at both sites. Wethersfield is now expected to cost £49 million, and Scampton £27 million.

** National Audit Office Report Published March 2024

The Home Office, has also used contracts with a total value of £254 million, comprising £244 million awarded without full competition (going out to tender) and £10 million fully competitive awards.

** National Audit Office Report Published March 2024

With the overall “large sites” cost expected to be £ 1.18 Billion. The impact of the mental health of the asylum seekers. A death on The Bibby Stockholm, diseases at multiply locations and public order incidents.

What has been achieved?

Has the Home Office made any savings, using Large sites compared to hotels?

You Decide.

The full report can be downloaded Here.

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  1. This is the reason why nhs underfunded people have to work longer , education under funded . I could go on but I would be all night. Open door policy, illegal Pro terrorist rallies costing millions. Unless policing in our country.

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