Danter’s S.E.N.D Fun Fair Is A Huge Success!!

Avatar By Sean Taylor Apr12,2023
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This morning Weymouth hosted its first-ever special Fun Fair morning for children with educational needs and disabilities, thanks to a collaboration between the Weymouth Carnival and Danter’s Fun Fair.
Edward Danter closed the fairground to the general public.
He held a special event that was ticket-only and exclusive to children with educational needs and disabilities. It was an act of kindness and compassion that allowed these children to experience the joys of the fairground without fear of judgement or exclusion.


It was a day to remember for all involved at the fairground event, as they experienced an exciting range of rides and activities. There was something for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere was electric as children of all ages enjoyed the unique experience of being part of something special. it was a day that will be remembered fondly by all who attended.
It was an opportunity for children to experience the fun of the carnival in a safe environment, with staff on hand to provide support if needed. The aim was for every child attending the morning to have an enjoyable time and experience the fun fair.

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