Major Search Operation Underway For Missing Diver

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins Aug28,2023
New Weymouth Lifeboat 200421.jpg

A major search operation is underway to find two divers who hasn’t reported back when he should have.

The search us still underway

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One thought on “Major Search Operation Underway For Missing Diver”
  1. We was walking coast line from Portland heights towards the hidden steps the looked to be a diving bottle or something similar shape that was white couldnt make it out near blacknor point area something red there to we was at top of cliff so was harder to see but definitely something there unless it just rubbish but the shape look to be shape of dive bottle maybe worth a check with dingy as you could walk it lots of rock formations in the sea there this was on land close to the water hallelujah Bay Area / chesil view

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