New Battery Storage Facility Proposed Near Weymouth Football Club Raises Concerns

Jake Brewer By Jake Brewer Dec19,2023 #Weymouth
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New Battery Storage Facility Proposed Near Weymouth Football Club Raises Concerns

An undisclosed battery storage facility firm is poised to seek planning permission for a new facility situated on land adjacent to Weymouth Football Club. The land, which was previously owned by Lovell Homes and shares the same site as the football club (which remains unaffected), has recently changed hands, causing ripples of concern in the community.

Lovell Homes had initially endeavored to secure planning permission in 2022 for residential development on the site. However, faced with apparent challenges in obtaining approval, Lovell Homes chose to withdraw their application. Subsequently, the land has been sold to an undisclosed battery storage facility firm, prompting speculation about the intended use of the space.

Currently utilized by a local landscaping company, the site’s occupants have reportedly been served an eviction notice in light of the recent ownership change.

One of the main points of contention revolves around the location of the proposed battery storage facility. With its proximity to Weymouth Football Club, the Weymouth police station, and a power distribution site, concerns have been raised regarding potential implications for public safety and the surrounding infrastructure.

Local residents and authorities are keenly observing the upcoming planning application process. The implications of such a development on the local community, particularly in close proximity to a football stadium and critical public facilities, have become a focal point of discussion.

The situation is expected to unfold in the coming weeks as the undisclosed battery storage facility firm moves forward with the planning permission application, shedding light on the intended purpose of the new facility and addressing community concerns

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