The Bohemians Head For Weymouth

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins Apr17,2024

That’s right, The Bohemians are coming to town! The definitive QUEEN band stop off from their world tour  

The Bohemians are set to to perform at Weymouth Pavilion on Friday May 10th at 7.30pm.

The Bohemians are coming to town with the most extravagant Queen show of them all! This is not just a tribute, it’s a fantastic re-enactment of a night with the most exciting band in the world!                                              

     All the hits! All the style! All the thrills!

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You can buy your tickets directly from the Pavilion website now!

     Or call the Weymouth Pavilion Box Office – 01305 783225 

You can buy your tickets today


A thumbs-up from legendary Brian May surely means that you are doing something right and Brian has made no secret of being impressed by The Bohemians who do not just play the hits but really re-enact some of the supergroup’s most incredible performances.

“We are all huge fans,” explained Rob Comber who plays another legend – Freddie Mercury. “It is fantastic to play Freddie but also a very humbling experience. To go out on stage, often in front of vast crowds of avid Queen fans and doing your best to bring Freddie back for them is an incredible honour but also you want to really pay tribute to him, not just by singing the songs by doing it his unique way.”

“We get a great reaction everywhere we go and that includes all over Europe, Russia, Australia – you name it. The Queen following knows no barriers or prejudices, quite the opposite in fact. Huge crowds stand as one to celebrate possibly the greatest music phenomenon ever.”

The Bohemians have been performing together for a number of years and Queen fans will tell you that they just get better and better.

“That’s what we strive to do,” said Rob. “As I mentioned, we are all fans, myself especially of Freddie so we always continue to work hard to pay a real tribute to Queen. It is not about us, it is about paying homage in the best way possible and sharing the experience with the millions and millions of fans around the world.

“We don’t just turn up and perform, between shows we are constantly tweaking what we do in order to be the best we can. We owe that to Queen and to the fans who continue to support them and us.”

The fans do show their support too. Tickets are often sold out weeks in advance and the concerts always hit the ground running with the crowds never needing to be coerced into taking part. It is a performance and an experience second only to the real Queen and the real Wembley Stadium.

“I don’t honestly know how Freddie kept it up at the pace he worked,” Rob commented. “I am totally exhausted by the end of the show – we all are. Queen’s performance and Freddie’s lead with the vocals was always high-energy and a power that was unique to them. It is only when you ‘are’ Freddie that you realise how much went into his and their performance.”

The Bohemians are currently on a world tour and acclaimed wherever they go although Rob modestly believes that their success is more to do with the music than their performance.

“We do our best even though we constantly strive to do even better but our performances are really a celebration and Queen’s music is what is really being celebrated. They were and still are a phenomenon which will live forever. Freddie posed the question, ‘Who wants to live forever?’ Well, it looks as if he has his answer. The fans want the music to live forever and in our small way that is what we are contributing to – a legend that will live forever. Why? Because Queen really are the Champions!” That’s true but likewise The Bohemians really are the Champions of the tribute bands. See for yourself at Weymouth Pavilion on Friday May 10th.


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