Hot Meals Service Closure Sparks Concern Among Vulnerable Users for Future

The Dorset Pie company

Weymouth’s Only “Hot” Meals on Wheels Service Closes Abruptly, Leaving Elderly Customers in Need

St Judes Catering Services Limited, operating also as The Dorset Pie Company, abruptly ceased operations on April 30th, 2024. The closure has left both staff and elderly customers shocked and stranded, as the only “hot” meals on wheels service in Weymouth shut its doors for good.

The sudden closure has sent ripples of concern throughout the community, particularly among vulnerable elderly individuals who relied on the service for their daily sustenance. With no warning provided to either staff or customers, the closure has left many scrambling to find alternative sources for their meals.

“It’s devastating,” remarked one former employee, who preferred to remain anonymous. “We were blindsided by the news. We only just made 30 pies and put them in the freezer, and now we’re out of a job with no notice.”

The impact of the closure extends beyond just the loss of employment for staff members. For the elderly customers who depended on the service, the closure means being left without access to hot meals, a crucial lifeline for many.

“It’s a real blow,” expressed a concerned relative of one of the affected customers. “For some of these elderly individuals, this was their primary source of nutrition and human interaction. Now they’re left without that support system.”

In response to the sudden closure, St Judes has pledged to provide cold pack lunches for their customers for the next two weeks. While this gesture is appreciated by some, many worry about the long-term implications of losing access to hot, freshly prepared meals.

The closure of Weymouth’s only “hot” meals on wheels service serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by elderly individuals, particularly in times of unexpected upheaval. As the community grapples with the aftermath of this closure, efforts are underway to find alternative solutions to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

While St Judes Care Services remains unaffected by the closure, questions linger regarding the future of meal provision for elderly residents in Weymouth. As stakeholders work to address these pressing concerns, the hope is that a suitable solution can be found to support those most in need during this challenging time.

Mr Mitchell’s mother is a service user and contacted Dorset News and said:

“My Mother has been affected by the closure of St Jude’s Catering along with a lot of other people I have spoken to.”

“There is no other food service available in Weymouth and this leaves a lot of customers concerned and upset at the prospect of no hot meals . My Mum along with a lot of other customers is unable to cook on her own due to being disabled and with no other food company available we are not sure what to do going forward.”

St. Judes have issued the following statement:

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Information on help available to eat well at home, can be found on Dorset Council’s website Click Here.

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