Dorset Aurora Beralis Photo Competition

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins May11,2024
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Attention, photographers and stargazers of Dorset! Have you witnessed the awe-inspiring spectacle of the aurora borealis gracing our skies? We invite you to share your stunning snapshots of this celestial phenomenon with us at Dorset News for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

In a rare event, the mesmerizing aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, has been spotted across the UK, including our beloved Dorset, all thanks to a powerful solar storm. The skies have been illuminated with vibrant hues of green, purple, and blue, painting a breathtaking display that has left spectators in awe.

We understand that such moments are fleeting but unforgettable. That’s why we’re calling on all shutterbugs and aurora enthusiasts to seize the opportunity and immortalize this magical sight through your camera lenses. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or an amateur with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature, we want to see your best shots of the aurora borealis.

The Met Office said space weather experts had issued a rare severe geomagnetic storm (G4) warning for this weekend, the first in nearly 20 years.

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The storm, caused by powerful eruptions known as coronal mass ejections, could trigger spectacular displays of aurora. They could be visible across Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England and Wales, the Met Office said.

Krista Hammond, the Met Office’s space weather manager, said: “Multiple coronal mass ejections from the sun are expected to reach Earth in the coming days bringing the potential for aurora visibility over the UK, particularly on Friday night”

Competition Rules:

  • Photos ONLY in Dorset
  • Taken on Mobile or Camera
  • No Editing of Photos
  • One photo per entry
  • Entries Close 25th May

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