Scam Warning – “drafted” to fight in the war against Vladimir Putin.

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins Oct20,2022

Warnings have been issued after scam letters that inform their recipient they have been “drafted” to fight in the war against Vladimir Putin.

The letter informed its recipient that they had been chosen as one of the first soldiers to begin training, with drafting conducted on “random civilians who qualify”

The letters claim that “as a result of the war crimes being committed by Vladimir Putin ” the British armed forces were “starting conscription and training on a number of civilians”.

Conscription was mandatory, it claimed, with avoidance or failure to comply resulting in criminal charges with a maximum six-year prison sentence.

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The letter, which was posted on Reddit by user cricklecoux, said recipients must report to their nearest recruitment centre at 9.15 am on Thursday 8 December.

It proceeded to list the real address for the Army Careers information centre in Westminster.

The letter then said the recipient should not inform their employer until after reporting and should not inform the public about their conscription.

It listed a contact number which appeared to be a real number for the UK’s army recruitment team before signing off from ‘General P N Y M Sanders KCB DSO ADC GEN’ and ‘His Majesty the King’.

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