P.A.W.S Set To Return To Weymouth Town Centre

DogLinda Richards & Chairman Lionel Knibbs

P.A.W.S, the Weymouth and Portland Animal Welfare Society, is making a triumphant return to Weymouth Town Centre, bringing back their beloved charity shop after a three-year hiatus. With over four decades of experience in animal welfare, P.A.W.S is excited to be back in the heart of the community to continue their mission of helping animals in need.

Before its temporary closure, the P.A.W.S charity shop and café on St Thomas Street were well-known and cherished by the local community. Prior to that, they had a presence in the now derelict Colwell Centre, where they had established a strong connection with Weymouth residents.

Unfortunately, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges, making it impractical to continue operating the shop. The safety of volunteers, staff, and customers took precedence during this uncertain time, resulting in the shop’s closure.

However, the good news is that the P.A.W.S charity shop is set to make a grand comeback in Weymouth Town Centre. Their new location on Great George Street will soon open its doors, allowing residents to once again support this vital cause.

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Lionel Knibbs, Chairman of P.A.W.S, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming reopening, stating, “We hope to be ready to open our doors on the 1st of December and will be accepting any donations from then.”

The return of P.A.W.S to the town center is a welcome sight for locals and animal lovers alike. An empty shop will be transformed into a hub for community engagement and support for the welfare of animals.

P.A.W.S has been a cornerstone of animal welfare in Weymouth and Portland for 42 years, and their return to the town centre is a testament to their enduring commitment to the cause. As the Christmas season approaches, the P.A.W.S charity shop will provide an excellent opportunity for residents to shop for unique gifts, support animal welfare, and enjoy a warm and welcoming environment in the heart of Weymouth.

Stay tuned for the grand reopening of the P.A.W.S charity shop on Great George Street, as the community eagerly anticipates its return, knowing that every purchase made will help support the welfare of animals in need.

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