Privacy Scandal Hits Weymouth Strip Club Days Before License Renewal

Avatar By Sean Taylor Jan7,2024
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Confidential CCTV footage from Wiggles Gentlemen’s Club on New Street, Weymouth, has been anonymously leaked to Dorset News just days before the establishment’s license renewal.

The leaked footage reveals cameras positioned directly at urinals and within the performers’ changing room, sparking concerns over privacy violations and potential breaches of data protection laws.

According to guidelines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), CCTV should not be operational in private areas such as toilets and changing rooms. The ICO emphasizes that the use of CCTV in such spaces is typically deemed unfair and disproportionate, rendering it non-compliant with data protection regulations.

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As the scandal unfolds, the timing couldn’t be worse for Wiggles Gentlemen’s Club, with Dorset Council scheduled to conduct a licensing hearing next week. The leaked footage has cast a shadow over the establishment’s practices, raising questions about its adherence to privacy regulations and potentially jeopardizing the club’s chances of securing license renewal.

Dorset residents and patrons alike await the outcome of the impending licensing hearing, eager to see whether Wiggles Gentlemen’s Club will face repercussions for the alleged privacy breaches brought to light by the leaked CCTV footage.

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