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Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins Mar26,2024
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IT’S official – Weymouth is an international centre for retail trade!
The Dorset resort attracts shoppers from around the world with one store proving particulary popular.
Evapo in St Mary Street has welcomed visitors from more than 85 countries since opening its doors last Easter.
The Vape and CBD specialists, which celebrates it’s first birthday in the town on Good Friday, has been recording where their clients are from on a huge map of the world in store.
Customers are invited to mark their homelands with coloured pins, with many leaving their own currency as souvenirs.
Evapo sales assistant, Emily Nicholls, explained: “From the day we opened we have welcomed lots of tourists as well as locals. We thought it would be interesting to record where people came from and we’ve been amazed.
“Obviously the cruise ships that dock in Portland bring lots of different nationalities to the town, both passengers and crew, and we have also seen lots of crew from commercial ships.
“All told we have had customers from 88 different countries and from all four corners of the world.”
From Australia to America, China to Chile, Weymouth is proving a must-visit destination for foreign tourists.
“When you look at our map it’s incrediable” said Emily, “there’s hardly room for any more pins in Europe and other parts are filling up fast.
“Some of the more exotic places people are from are Hawai, Maritius, Bali and the Marshall Islands while we’ve also had customers from St Helina, St Kitts and Sri Lanka.
“The map is a real talking point and lots of customers have also pinned up coins and bank notes from their countries.”
She added: “And many of our customers take selfies in front of the map as a reminder of their visit to Evapo and Weymouth.”
Weymouth is one of 53 Evapo stores throughout the UK with the company working towards a smoke-free Britain by 2030

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