Weymouth Town Council Election Candidates

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins May2,2024
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Candidates for Weymouth Town Council Seats

Littlemoor Ward (2 seats) – Alex Bailey (Independent), Steve Brown (Labour), Brian Hayter (Local Conservative), Howard Legg (Lib Dem), Louie O’Leary (Local Conservative), Ann Weaving (Lib Dem).

Lodmoor (2 seats) – Matt Bell (Lib Dem), David Civil (Lib Dem), James Farquharson (Local Conservative), George Granycome (Local Conservative), Anne Tobin (Labour).

Melcombe Regis (2 seats) – Howard Atkinson (Labour), Jon Orrell (Green), Claire Wall (Local Conservative), Ken Whatley (Independent), Mary Yeoman (Local Conservative).

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Preston (3 seats) – Michael Bevan (Lib Dem), Steven Dickens (Local Conservative), Joanna Dickenson (Local Conservative), Peter Dickenson (Local Conservative), Holly Hope (Lib Dem), Gillian Pearson (Lib Dem), Kay Wilcox (Labour).

Radipole and Southill (2 seats) – Louise Bown (Lib Dem), Pauline Crump (Labour), David Harris (Lib Dem).

Rodwell (2 seats) – David Selves (Local Conservative), Mike Sewry (Labour), Clare Williams (Local Conservative).

Upwey and Broadwey (3 seats) – Jan Bergman (Local Conservative), Beverley Day (Lib Dem), Christine Gibson-Pierce (Local Conservative), David Northam (Lib Dem), Byron Silver (Labour), Robert Wiles (Local Conservative), Tim Young (Lib Dem).

Westham East (2 seats) – Alex Fuhrmann (Lib Dem), Lee Harmsworth (Lib Dem), Alexander McGlynn (Local Conservative), Jon Rodd (Labour), Thomas Tannassee (Local Conservative).

Westham West (3 seats) – Simon Clifford (Lib Dem), Lucy Hamilton (Labour), Ryan Hope (Lib Dem), Christine James (Independent), Gill Taylor (Lib Dem).

Wyke North (2 seats) – Caroline Nickinson (Local Conservative), Richard Nickinson (Local Conservative), Kate Wheller (Labour).

Wyke South (2 seats) – Ian Bruce (Local Conservative), Tim Griffiths, Alec Nicholls (Local Conservative), Thomas Taylor (Labour), Helen Toft (Green).

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