High-Risk Weymouth Sex Offender Back In Dock

Kallum Gethins By Kallum Gethins Aug23,2022

Richard Stanley Cullum, aged 41, appeared before Weymouth Magistrates Court on Friday, August 19.

Richard Cullum admitted to creating a false identity of a young girl in order to contact four girls under the age of 10.

Prosecutors said Cullum had committed “a number of breaches” of a sexual harm prevention order issued at Bournemouth Crown Court on October 29, 2018.

He was charged with four counts of breaching a sexual prevention order.

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The charges relate to incidents between April 1 2021, and June 25, 2021.

Cullum will appear before Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday, September 16 2022 for sentencing.

Richard Cullum previously of Buxton Road, Weymouth, was sentenced to five months in prison at Weymouth Magistrates Court in 2017 after he pleaded guilty to being unsupervised with a child under 16 whilst prohibited from doing so by a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO).

At the time of the offences in 2017, Richard Cullum was the manager at Central Convenience Stores Buxton Road. During this time Dorset Council allowed him to be designated premise Supervisor for the sale of alcohol. (Licence from 31/03/2015 to indefinite).

However, Cullum was prohibited from doing so by a sexual offences prevention order. As has was not allowed to work in a position which put him in contact with children.

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11 thoughts on “High-Risk Weymouth Sex Offender Back In Dock”
    1. He is an extremely dangerous man and needs to be put in prison for life. If he is let out he will re offend. DONT LET HIM OUT!! He has destroyed so many lives already 😡

  1. Please post my comment.
    This man is highly dangerous.
    And on the 16/09/22 the sentencing won’t be enough!!
    He needs life in prison, never to be let out again.
    He is dangerous

  2. Whoever sees this news link. Print and post this man’s face everywhere! In lamp posts shop windows!! He will be back out on our street/ HE will never stop!! He is evil and very very dangerous! And needs the death penalty!!! 😡

    Our justice system isn’t enough!!!

  3. Hope he rots in jail. Or better still other inmates give him what he deserves, and he never comes out 😡 or even better put him in a room with a group of woman!!!!!!!!!! total scum of the earth these people are!!!!

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