“They’ll do whatever the f**k they want” Cllr Fuhrmann Angry Towards Dorset Council Over Boundary Changes

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Last night’s Weymouth Town Council meeting was filled with excitement and anticipation as the councillor’s discussed and voted on the Community Governance Review (CGR). The CGR is a proposed change to the parish boundaries in Dorset, and the council was asked to submit their preferences.

Throughout the meeting, it was clear that the cllr’s were in agreement that the new boundaries should make it easier for the public to get elected and represent their communities. Unfortunately, the Dorset Council officers have failed to take responsibility for the situation and allowed for Cllr/Leader Spencer Flowers to misrepresent the guidelines.

Cllr Alex Fuhrmann was particularly vocal about the issue, expressing his frustration with the situation in a passionate statement. He said: “It finally got to me last night and I couldn’t “play politics” anymore. Apologies for the language, I hope I’ve best represented the residents in calling out the hypocrisy that exists top to bottom.”

The Weymouth Town Council cllrs are committed to ensuring that the public’s voice is heard and that the CGR reflects the needs and desires of the community. It is clear that the cllr’s are passionate about the issue and will continue to fight for what is best for their constituents.

VIDEO: Cllr Alex Fuhrmann voicing his concerns on behalf of Weymouth’s residents

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